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    Become a powerful feminist ally without feeling like an impostor.

    With Julie Marange, Chair of Feminists in the City

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  • Feminist your life, make a difference.

    Are you a self-defined man with a busy life ? Do you want to quickly become a powerful feminist ally ?


    Can you really be a powerful ally without the pressure of making mistakes ?

    How do you find the TIME to become a perfect ally if you have a full-time job?


    Maybe you've tried talking to your feminist friends, following feminist Instagram accounts to understand feminism better... but you feel like it's not enough to follow through and put theory into practice.


    If any of these issues are on your mind, the Powerful Ally Training is for you.

  • "The most difficult feminist topics seem easy when I talk with Julie. Her guilt-free, compassionate approach has helped me become the best version of myself. I can never thank her enough for that."- Alex, 2023

  • Hi, I'm Julie Marange

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    Chairwoman of the University of Bath Feminist Society (UK) in 2017,

    Chair of Feminists in the City since 2018, 

    Graduated from the School of Public Affairs at Sciences Po Paris in 2019, 

    I've welcomed +12,000 on our 14 feminist guided tours and +150 masterclasses organised since 2018 with exceptional speakers such as Michelle Perrot, 

    I'm at the origin of the first Summit of Sisterhood in 2021, 

    Vice-President of the Femmes Monde (Women of the World) Association since 2022, 


    Winner of the Women of Impact Wonders award in the entrepreneur category in 2022...

    I'm an expert in feminism and gender equality issues.

    Now I'm sharing all this expertise with you with this new Powerful Ally Training, an online programme that transforms you into a Powerful Ally in 6 weeks. 

  • The approach

    1 - A unique 6-week system to empower your feminism quickly, based on years of expertise


    The Powerful Ally Training gives you the keys to becoming a powerful feminist ally in your daily life. Note that this is an interdisciplinary training mixing herstory, psychology, sociology, philosophy and self-development

    It is designed to transform your own life and be able to change other people's lives forever by putting theory into practice, in all aspects of your lives.


    2 - A flexible online training 


    The Powerful Ally Training is for working men who need flexibility. It takes place online and lasts for a total of 6 weeks, to be modulated at your convenience. This means that you progress through the training whenever, wherever. Some complete the training in 6 weeks, others in 9.


    3 - A guilt-free approach


    I aim to help you evolve and make a difference, not make you feel guilty. You will be able to express anything without being shamed. Besides, the training includes group calls with other participants. On arrival, you commit to behaving in a patient, and caring way with other participants. 

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    4 - Intersectionality


    The approach is intersectional. It means it takes into consideration the intersection of domination, even though we can always do better. I will thus also tackle other forms of oppression than sexism, namely racism, LGBTQIAP+ phobia etc.

  • I'm looking for 8 founding members 


    I am looking for 8 men who are motivated to become powerful allies, transform their lives, and have a powerful feminist impact. No matter where they are in their feminist journey or where they are geographically. The programme will be run via our mobile app. 


    On April the 8th 2023, these founding members will begin working closely with me to become powerful allies. I will not let you fail. 


    Do you want to have a meaningful impact and stop feeling like a fraud when doing so ?


    The 8 founding members will have full access to this new Feminists in the City programme:


    Access to the 6-week POWERFUL ALLY TRAINING : 


    Week 3: BEING "MAN ENOUGH" 


    The training follows an innovative feminist method, a unique system designed to change your life and be able to have an impact on other people's lives forever. In addition to the basic training, you get the following bonuses :


    BONUS #1: Access to 6 group calls to benefit from the power of other allies

    BONUS #2: Access to a Whatsapp group with all participants so that you don't give up

    BONUS #3: Access to the Bible of feminism Feminists in the City and summary sheets to ensure that the impact of the training is sustained over the very long term

    BONUS #4: Access to references and recommendations for further reading, podcasts, and feminist content to push the issues further


    The good news is that you get all this with a huge discount as a founding member.

    This is a new programme. The Training will be publicly available in a few months. At the time of the public launch, the investment for the training will be €995.

    For the 8 founding members, the investment for six weeks of training plus all the bonuses is only €495. You can pay in several instalments.

    Interested in changing your life and the lives of others forever?

    Apply by clicking the button below (3 minutes + a call).

    It's that simple.

    PS: There are only 8 places available as founding members, so don't wait!

  • This training is meant for you if :

    - You are a self-defined man 

    - You feel like a fraud when you try to be a feminist ally 

    - You want to become a better ally 

    - Don’t know where to start and how to position yourself   

    - You want to connect with other men who feel the same

    - You want to get involved and make a difference in your daily life

    - You are ready to invest money and support a feminist initiative 

    This training is NOT meant for you if :

    - You want to do this on your own, without help 

    - You're not interested in escaping your social conditioning and changing your life forever

    - You are not interested in feminism 

    - You are not ready to invest money and support a feminist initiative