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    Explore Canberra's hidden history


    Learn about the women behind the moments that shaped Australia.

    Ready to learn about the REAL history of Canberra – the one excluded from history books and your standard tour of Canberra? Snag your place on this entertaining and educational walking tour of Canberra and discover the true movers and shakers behind our city. Join us to uncover the stories of Australia's most misunderstood city. Book a tour ? Click here




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    Women of Berlin Walking Tour (Berlin)


    Berlin’s untold herstory

    Stroll through the historic centre of Berlin and hear about the lives of the city’s most fascinating women. From queens and revolutionaries to feminists and world leaders, Berlin’s women have left their mark on Germany and the world.

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    Women in Irish History Tour (Dublin)


    What have the women ever done for us?

    Come join Adam as you explore Dublin and the great females Ireland has produced.
    Discover the story of Irish rebellions and revolutions against Britain and the twentieth century struggle for gender equality against the dogmatically Catholic conservative Irish state.

    'níl aon saoirse go saoirse na mban' - there's no freedom without freedom for women.

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    Amazing women of Irish History (Dublin)


    Come on an outdoor walking tour and discover some of the amazing women in Irish History

    The tour explores some of the most iconic women in Irish history and the roles they played. Learn about politics, art, culture and some of the forgotten icons of the past. This tour has been written and created by Erin Blank for Alternative Dublin to celebrate our female heroes.

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    Amazing Women in Florence


    Learning all about women of the middle ages, renaissance and baroque periods !

    We explore women’s history with the lives of women by walking the picturesque cobblestoned streets of Florence. We hear all about what a day was like for Florentine women. From incredible erudite nuns, to hardworking fishmongers’ wives and wet nurses, to formidable warrior royalty.
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    Great Women of Florence

    Women’s History Walking Tour

    It is said that ‘behind a successful man there is always a great woman’, so, let’s discover together the greatest personalities of Florence. We will enjoy while discovering centuries of women in medieval, renaissance and baroque Florence.
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    Women in Art 3-hour Uffizi Tour (Florence, Uffizi Gallery)


    Art from a different perspective

    You think women have it tough these days? Try to imagine what life was like for a woman in Medieval and Renaissance times!
    Join Loredana as we tour the Uffizi in a unique way, where she combines her love for art, history and gender studies. Discover how art reflected the perimeters set for women's roles in society and how depictions of women, in various guises (goddess, saint, heroine), symbolized the ideals of culture and learning.

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    Badass Women Storytelling Walk (Amsterdam)


    From Central Station to the medieval wall at Munttoren

    Badass Tours takes you to special sites in historic Amsterdam to tell stories of individual women who fought, wrote, calculated, and led to chart their course through Amsterdam’s This chaotic and complicated past.


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    Porto Feminist Tour


    A Three hours walking tour in Porto

    The feminist tour of the city of Porto, created by the collective MAAD - Women, Art, Architecture and Design (Alícia Medeiros and Isabeli Santiago), with the collaboration of Laurem Crosetti, in May 2019. Since then this tour has reached more than a hundred people and aims to combat the invisibilization of women throughout history. The Porto Feminist Tour also responds to the urgency of collectively rethinking the city of Porto and its history within a critical, political, feminist and militant framework.

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    Feminist tour Madrid


    Join now Patricia's feminist tour in Madrid

    Join our feminist tour in Madrid now and discover Lavapiés street art and the women rights' movement in the local communities you will visit. Let's discuss about what else can be done in the society to fight for equity.

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    Hidden History of Women (Sevilla) 


    Welcome in Sevilla !

    Seville is a city with a very long history. Sometimes, you might not find all the interesting legends that it has. In this tour, we will reveal to you another side of the history of Seville and Spain: The History of Women! Unfortunatly, this is a side of the history that is usually forgotten, but we'll bring it to you, and we'll show you all the secret places in Seville where you can find it.

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    Zurich's Mighty Women & Heroines


    Women, Myths & HERstory Uncovered

    On a walking tour of Zurich, you will explore stories about pioneer women, ingenious women, who have held great power and demonstrated tremendous bravery, yet were sometimes sidetracked by history. An Experience that honors and gives voice to lesser-known stories: tales of women who helped shape modern Zurich along with its formidable men. A tour that celebrates history without negating the past as recorded, but simply putting forward HerStory.
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    Real women of Edinburgh


    Discover stories of women throughout History

    Begin your adventure at Maggie Dickson's pub and hear the incredible story of how Maggie Dickson survived a public execution in the early 1700s. You will also learn about the first body snatchers of Edinburgh (women) and the most successful author and Scriptwriter of the UK (also a woman). You will finish the tour at the bottom of the royal mile, hearing more stories of social enterprises that support women nowadays.

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    Glasgow women's library

    Women’s Heritage Walks

    Glasgow Women’s Library’s guide 6 different walks around the city and a Heritage Bike Ride for those who prefer to travel on two wheels. Walks are open to all and give a unique and inspiring insight into the hitherto unsung women who made Glasgow; pipe-smoking forewomen, revolting schoolmistresses, suffragettes, the brazen women of Glasgow Green, Battling Betty, and many more!

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    Ljubljana Feminist Tour

    Discover the dragon city through feminist lenses !

    Put on your feminist glasses to discover the Slovenian capital through a gender perspective, with stories about women's struggles and queer interpretations. This tour showcases pre-socialist and socialist struggles for women's rights, as well as present day gender issues. It also showcases iconic female artists, urban architects, political leaders and the Women's Anti-fascist front.

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    A Feminist Tour of Reykjavik

    Discover Island's strong women !

    With this tour, you will discover the stories of Islandic women's struggles but also of its marginal groups. Iceland is ranked by the World Economic Forum as the first country in the world for gender equality : this tour will thus walk through the teachings of that journey towards equality but also through the remaining steps the country has to take to achieve a real feminist society.

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    Mapping Feminist Cambridge Tours (Cambridge)


    Series of historic tours focused on the feminist movement

    Mapping Feminist Cambridge is a vibrant account of feminist organizing and politics. Each tour spans several organizations and provides context about the movement and its priorities including abortion access, racial equity, women in film and print, healing for survivors, lesbian and bisexual visibility, political collectives, and so much more.

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    Women's History Tours (Houston)


    Educating and entertaining everyone

    We offer 3 completely different 5-hour tours that focus on women’s history and culture. All three tours normally begin at 10:00 AM to end at 3:00 PM. Each tour has at least 2 museums, houses, or institutions to tour, a possible comfort food stop at a site found by and or run by women, a lunch stop, and several places that we drive-by. Each person is responsible for paying for his/her snacks and lunch.

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    Go West, Young Woman (San Francisco)


    A dozen daring divas who did it their ways

    Go West, Young Woman is by, for, and of the ladies. With a ratio of 56 men to each woman in 1849, San Francisco was only for women who were strong of mind or strong of body. Starting near the shopping district of Union Square, you’ll visit the theatre district, Maiden Lane, Chinatown, and North Beach. Along the way you'll meet a dozen feisty females who helped build this town, and you’ll see the history of the City from their unique perspectives.

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    TOHO (Tour of her own) guided tours on women's herstory in Washington DC.


    A tour of her own !

    Discover the capital of the United States from a feminist perspective! Private tours with local historians and residents. Certified professional guides will share American history with a focus on women's stories.

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    Women who changed America (Washington DC.)



    Their contributions for equality and progress in the Unites States

    They founded organizations, they sponsored legislation, they blazed trails and suffered trials. For generations, women living and working in Washington, D.C. have defied expectations and surmounted discrimination to increase equality, freedom, and prosperity for their fellow citizens.

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    Femi Tour Buenos Aires


    Getting to know the feminist side of the city !

    Discover Buenos Aires with Lucha, Leti and Depa! They will reveal to you the history of Argentine women and the stakes of feminist struggles in the country.

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    Women who transformed Mexico... (Mexico City)

    And you didn't know about them !

    On this tour through the streets of the Historic Center of Mexico City you will discover female narratives that remain hidden. We take you through an old theater with secret murals, an ex-convent and a feminist cultural forum, in search of the women who have transformed the history, art and narrative of this city, revolutionizing the metropolis.

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    Stand for Women

    Feminist tour to come !

    Stand For Women is a Lebanese NGO that aims to promote women's economic empowerment through larger inclusivity of women in businesses, entrepreneurship and more widely, advocates for a better understanding of gender related issues across Lebanon and the Middle-East.

    SFW was registered in 2017 and the main objectives are:

    1. Keep on supporting the Marion Fund initiative by accompanying women-led SMEs in their sustainability (through funds opportunities and capacity building workshops) ;

    2. Supporting women entrepreneurs in seeking for new markets and through business development workshops ;

    3. Providing women in corporates with coaching and trainings to boost their career paths ;

    4. Helping vulnerable women by running a period poverty initiative along with Wing Women partner which aims to offer reusable pads & create job opportunities.


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    Glad to be part of an international feminist community of sisterhood

    Julie Marange - President, Feminists in the City